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Easy Visi 64bit for Windows

EasyVisi was conceptualized and designed by Wouter Oosthuizen, who has a Masters degree in Computer Auditing as well as 20 years software development experience.

EasyVisi with EasyCAATs extension is our flagship product and includes features that support Computer Assisted Audit Techniques.
With EasyVisi, data analysis is as simple as importing a CSV or Excel file, or directly connect to an Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite or Firebird database.

At the click of a button you can
- generate a QuickView chart to visualize a data series
- sort on multiple fields simultaneously
- add multiple filters
- generate group totals of various types
- generate charts to visually compare multiple data series
- create Management Information reports to assist with important decisions
- create exception reports to identify outliers or invalid data
- save a report as a pdf file or send to printer.

The CAATs extension adds audit specific features, including stratification based on user defined ranges, sampling, Benford's testing, gap analysis, identifying duplicate records and extremes.

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